Sexual generosity- ’tis the season, isn’t it?

8109810Sexual generosity is a term that refers to men and women who have such an abundance of sexual energy that they share it regularly and often with more than one person. This term can also be applied to a monogamous couple where the individuals are generous with the time and effort it takes to share sexual energy with their partner. Maybe a caress as they pass each other in the kitchen, an extra long kiss at the door, or going to bed early to make more time for lovemaking.

I first came across the idea of sexual generosity and its praise in the opening of the book The Ethical Slut. There the authors write:

“Sluts share their sexuality the way philanthropists share their money: because they have a lot of it to share, because it makes them happy to share it, because sharing makes the world a better place. Sluts often find that the more love and sex they give away, the more they have: a loaves-and-fish miracle in which greed and generosity go hand in hand to provide more for everybody. Imagine living in sexual abundance!”

I love this!

When we think about the holiday season, we know that it’s a season of generosity. God generously sharing his son, parents sharing gifts with their children, and friends sharing their homes, food, and many bottles of wine. It’s a season where we reflect on all we have, all we’ve been given, and what we can share with others to create more love, more abundance and more happiness in the world.

So this season, I want you to do the same with your sexuality. Yes, I literally mean making time for more sex with your partner(s). Love them, hold them, and give them pleasure that starts before, and continues long after the visit to the bedroom. Find out what they would like to receive, and find the joy in being the one to give that to them. And don’t stop there! How can you surpass their expectations? How can you leave them smiling all season? Be generous with your lovers, and let them be generous with you. The world will thank you. Yes, it definitely will thank you.

Happy Holidays, everyone! May your cup runneth over in every way.

to your vibrant sexual health,

Lauren Brim
Sexual and Spiritual coaching
Author of The New Rules of Sex
Founder of

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