5 Things You Don’t Know About Your Clitoris


Being a woman is the BEST! 

Masturbation and sex aren’t dirty, shameful or wrong. In fact, they’re just as immune boostingas a massage, as satisfying as health food, as calorie burning as exercise, and as anti-aging as a facial.

Men seem to have little shame about openly enjoying both, so why should women shy away from pleasure?

Masturbation helps you learn your own anatomy so you can better cultivate your orgasmic potential. And there’s so much to learn and discover about the intimate, pleasure-giving parts of your body!

Start by exploring your external and internal clitoris, with either your hands or a sex toy of your choice. 

That’s right, your external and internal clitoris! You see, there is more to your clitoris than you ever realized. For example, the female clitoris and the male penis have quite a bit in common.

Here are four ways they’re similar … AND one very magical, sexy way they’re not: 

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But, what do YOU think?

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