What turns you on? A New Video for men and women!

Being turned on is a state of mind. It involves your imagination and creativity combined with your presence and permission to feel. When we are shut down sexually, we are also shut down creatively. But by starting to use our imagination and creativity, we can begin to activate our sexuality in a big way!

When you’re having sex, something as simple as “wow, my partner is so hot, and I’m the one giving them pleasure!” or “if someone caught me having sex with this older man/younger woman I’d be in big, big trouble” can be all it takes to get you turned on. Even noticing how beautiful and sexual the movement of your body is during sex is your creativity at work! Your creative mind is finding the art in it, the story in it, and that’s what will turn you on. And don’t forget to notice your character in the story, and how beautiful and sexy you are during sex!

Check out the latest video and see what creative ideas you come up with that get you turned on! And if you want to take it one step further, you can purchase our Sexual Mastery Series HERE to start enjoying your sexuality more today!

to your vibrant sexual and reproductive health,

Lauren Brim
Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, Soul Coach
Partner at www.CorpsenAccordaParis.com

A new Video: Tips for Vaginal Health:
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