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But how can a group recorded session work?

I was watching a video of Satsang with the guru Mooji this week and I realized exactly what was occurring with a recorded group session.  In Satsang, an individual asks a question of the guru and the whole group receives the benefit of the answer.  Some respond more powerfully to one phrase or another, but everyone is transformed by this presence of Divine intelligence.

In BodyTalk, or any healing session that accesses this plane of universal intelligence, we are having Satsang with our clients. We ask a question, and sit in silence until we know the answer. And in this union with the Divine, many things are healed, and what we are really searching for in the physical universe can be found. For a short while we can glimpse outside the illusion of separation and the experience of our egoic mind.

Group sessions and recorded sessions recognize that we are all one; that we are all asking the same question; and that it is only in unity with the Divine that we find what we are seeking. So let go, feel the presence of your self, and join us for this group recorded session. And remember (to quote my favorite movie of all time):

“Everything you could ever want or be, you already have and are.”
– Dustin Hoffman in “I heart Huckabees”


to your vibrant health,
Lauren Brim
Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner

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