The #1 Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Sex Life IMMEDIATELY

improve sex life

And it’s SUPER simple.

There are few things in life that we expect to be good at without either education nor practice. Sex, unfortunately, is one of those things.

I talk to women all of the time who have very little knowledge, practice, or experience with sex. They usually have very little enjoyment of it, too.  They say things like:

  • “I can’t have an orgasm with my partner.”
  • “I’m just not that interested in sex.”
  • “I don’t feel any pleasure unless he goes down on me.”
  • “I’d rather do anything but have sex — it’s so boring.”

These are the words spoken by women who have not fully discovered the riches found deep within the human experience of sexuality.
There are a TON of really good things that sex brings to your life:

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About the author

Lauren Brim, Ph.D is a doctor of human sexuality, sex coach and author of The New Rules of Sex, The New American Family, The New Rules of Sex Workbook, and Your Boyfriend's Hooker. She provides sexual health and coaching resources for women wanting to create the life or love life that they desire at Lauren has worked in the healing arts for over a decade and began to specialize in women's health after training to be a midwife. She is also the founder at She lives in Los Angeles with her daughter.

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