3 Powerful Things You MUST Tell Your Kids About Sex

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Their future happiness depends on it! 

When I was 11-years old, just halfway through the 6th grade, I charged through the front door of our suburban home and up to my mother doing dishes at the sink.

“Mom,” I asked, “What is oral sex?”

A boy used those words in my Sex Ed class that afternoon and I had been confused ever since. I knew what sex was, but I couldn’t understand what the mouth had to do with something that happened between a penis and a vagina.

My mother responded, “It’s when one person puts their mouth on the other person’s genitals.”

“What?!” I screamed in horror. Why would someone do that?  That’s where pee comes out.

“Do you and Dad do that?” I asked.

“Yes,” she stated, calmly.

I ran sobbing into my bedroom never to bring up the subject of oral sex (much less intercourse) ever, ever again.

We’re all grown up. Now it’s our turn to talk to our own kids about sex … 

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