Redefining what it means to be family

Their future happiness depends on it!  When I was 11-years old, just halfway through the 6th grade, I charged through the front door of our suburban home and up to my mother doing dishes at the sink. “Mom,” I asked, “What is oral sex?” A boy used those words in my Sex Ed class that afternoon and I had...
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Meet my mother
“1 out 100 babies born to single women in Denmark in 2015 was using donor sperm, according to findings from the University of Copenhagen. Data shows that it is less of an age issue and more of an issue of men not being ready for parenthood.” Excerpt from “The New American Family.” The men might...
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“She was unable to have children, and in examining the couple it was found that she had no abnormality, but that her husband was sterile. Dr. Pancoast discussed the case with his medical students, including Hard, when someone in the group suggested that they take the semen from the “best looking” of the medical students...
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“In a long-term study published in the Journal of Family Psychology they found that fortifying family ties, not making more money was the best way to become a happier person.” Excerpt from “The New American Family.” The interesting thing about media, our most modern art form, is that it reflects back at us who we...
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mother and baby
“And yet, despite the stubbornness and longevity of this model, we are beginning to see small tears in the fabric. Like anything else that is broken down by time, a space opens for something new to emerge. And in this space we see that couples aren’t forced into marriage or monogamy to have children together,...
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sexy new mother
I gave birth last Friday. Twelve hours of the greatest pain I have ever known as my pelvis was forced open to bring in new life. I sobbed and screamed, cursing God, and begging the five women in the room to do anything they could to take away the pain, even if it meant to...
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