body image
Enjoy this article by Jude Schweppe, editor at ~ Lauren The War I went to war with my body at the tender age of 11, and fought bitterly against it for the best part of twenty years. It sucked the joy out of my life, damaged my health and left me drained and exhausted...
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semen is healing
After writing about the healing properties of breast milk, this blog would not be complete without the inclusion of the unique healing fluid of a man: semen.  Although we are taught to view sexuality and its fluids with fear, in many cultures and for many centuries, the healing properties of sexuality and semen have been...
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breast milk is healthy
Breast milk has been used medicinally for thousands of years. It was even recommended both topically and internally by physicians for a variety of complaints in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In addition to providing essential nourishment to infants, breast milk has a number of medicinal uses, for both children and adults, due to its...
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Many people are unaware that the legendary fountain of youth is actually contained within their own body. Yes, those everyday fluids of saliva, urine, breastmilk, semen and tears all have powerful healing properties that keep you healthy and young! Rather than reaching for expensive, invasive or toxic substances to preserve your youth and health, start...
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Have you been told that your urine is nothing more than a body waste? Then you might be surprised to learn that it has been considered a medicine, beauty aid, and fountain of youth for thousands of years. At the very beginning of our lives, the amniotic fluid that we are bathed in is primarily...
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