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One-on-One Women’s Wellness Coaching

Today is a great day to start loving your body, your sensuality and your life


As a women’s wellness coach, I am passionate about helping women move through barriers to fully enjoying and loving their sensuality.

Three barriers I commonly see are:


  • Fear blocks sexual happinessFear and inhibition around sex because they believe that sex is wrong. This often comes from the biological family, culture (including education and peers) or religious groups, but it can also be passed down generationally without any discussion on the subject and even between family members that don’t know each other well. Fear can inhibit one’s sexual expression, contributing to rage and any number of sexual pathologies that manifest in the genitals or reproductive system.
  • Unresolved trauma around sex that leads to pain, numbness or dis-ease. When we hear the word trauma we often thing of molestation or rape, but there are many sexual Trauma is a barrier to pleasure and fulfillmenttraumas that one can experience in a lifetime: having your sensuality shamed, seeing something you didn’t consent to seeing, having a partner violate any number of boundaries, gynecological visits, birth or postpartum experiences, and many things that we hear over a lifetime live as traumas in the body (and shut down its function) until they can be fully witnessed, understood and healed.
  • Miseducation around sensuality, including one’s capacity for orgasm and pleasure. Women have been taught a completely inaccurate narrative about their sensuality. It Miseducation causes relationship problemsbegins with the idea that the external clitoris is their only pathway to pleasure and ends with crazy ideas like that women don’t have vaginal orgasms, ejaculate, and have pleasure from multiple places in the body such as the vulva, anus and nipples. Women are wired for pleasure in an extraordinary way, and simply learning what your body is capable of is often enough to wake it up to pleasure it never knew was possible.


If you’re reading this and you’re a woman, you likely have at least one of these barriers to your sensuality, and many have more than one. And whether it has dampened your libido so your partner is unhappy, or is manifesting as abnormal cells on the cervix that require medical intervention (or anything in-between) you can address what is negatively affecting your sensuality and get spectacular and sometimes immediate results. Whether it’s the health of your relationship, the health of your body, or simply your desire to know the full potential of your sensuality, you owe it to YOU to take that next step. Women’s health and happiness matters, and I want to help you.

That’s right.
By simply clicking the link above you can email me
to book a free consultation to identify which of the three barriers to vibrant sexuality
is the biggest priority for you. Then we’ll make a plan!

No matter where you are located we can begin working together right away.

I work with women all over the world via Skype to guide them
to a healthy and vibrant experience of sensuality and pleasure.

I do this through talking, guided intuitive work, tapping techniques,
radically honest sexual education and at-home exercises.

Together we can uncover what is buried in your unconscious,
set you free from your past, and help you lay down new neural
pathways for mind-blowing pleasure and sex.

“After our coaching call last night I experienced quite a lot of pelvic discomfort but stayed with it because a I knew a release was going to follow and it did. This morning I woke up with my husband we were both very intimate, excited, and connected. My perspective has shifted and all of my interactions with people today have a new feeling. I seem to be conducting myself in a more relaxed manner. I notice, of course, people are responding differently. Thank you again. I am so grateful for all of your help.”
“Lauren, I have to tell you that I’ve been carrying around a huge burden for a long time and you have completely lifted it for me. After we spoke, I called my ex and everything was different. She said she could hear it immediately in my voice. She was looking at flights while we were still on the phone and she’s flying out this Wednesday. I can’t thank you enough for how you’ve helped me. I had no one to talk to about these issues until I met you. Cannot thank you enough!”