What is sexuality coaching and why do I need it?

Sexuality coaching helps men and women be themselves in their sexual experiences. It helps them find their voice to communicate what they want and need with partners, and it gives them permission to have pleasure. Ultimately it helps them have more fun with sex!

We need sexuality coaching because our innate sexuality has been suppressed by our culture. The is a problem because sexuality is our essence, so when it’s suppressed we’re not fully ourselves. Sexuality coaching not only helps us have better sex, but fulfill our purpose in this world.  

When we don’t have a healthy relationship to our sexual energy we become less attractive to others and even to ourselves. When we embrace our sexual energy we become more whole and magnetic to not just sexual partners, but to the whole world.

Sexual coaching allows you to come into an authentic expression in every relationship of your life. Are you ready to transform your life?

Dr. Lauren Brim

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Why Sex Coaching?

One of the most direct and effective paths to help someone feel happy in their life is to help them address their sexuality issues.

Feeling Safe

I’ve always been the person that women could have that conversation with. Most women are walking around holding their whole sexual life story inside with no one to share it with.

What is my approach?

My approach is to work with women individually and in groups to address the beliefs systems, trauma and miseducation they have that keeps them from having pleasure and feeling safe to be themselves.

Can I be better at sex?

When we go on that journey to uncover who we truly are in our sexuality, we’re more present in our bodies, and when we’re present, we discover that our bodies are actually wired for much greater pleasure than we ever thought possible. 

Who do I work with?

I typically work with women age 30 and up that are unhappy with the status quo of their sex lives and are ready for change.

What do I work with?

Pain with sex, dryness, inability to orgasm, shame and guilt, low libido, orientation, education, trauma, relationships including non-monogamy, and health issues relating to sexuality such as eating, reproductive, self esteem, and emotional health issues.

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