How comfortable are you talking about sex?

nursesWorking with Sexuality as Healthcare Practitioners- a new course!In my experience, very few people are comfortable talking about sex. And if they are, it is usually limited to sex within certain parameters, like penile-vaginal sex, anatomical body parts, or vague references to getting laid, hooking up, or “hanging out”. So how then, if you work with clients or patients in the realm of healthcare, are you able to talk with them about sex? You might think, “Well it’s not my job to talk with them about sex.” But if you work with human beings, sex is always a part of the picture. Freud wasn’t so far off when he related everything back to sex. It is, after all, what got us all here in the first place.

Most of us don’t realize that it is our limited understanding of sex that holds us back in our interactions with other people. From helping a client with a stubborn health issue, to teaching your kids about sex, or being able to talk deeply with a friend about their marriage, you need to be comfortable with the arena of sex. The only reason we are in the dark in what I like to call “the full spectrum of sexuality” is because we have been culturally conditioned not to talk about sex. When we don’t talk about something, we don’t share information about it, and when there’s no information about something, we live in ignorance. Have you ever stopped to wonder just how ignorant you are about sex?

And now imagine that you are working with a client with chronic bacterial vaginosis, or with a mild eating disorder, or with skin problems, or with TMJ stemming from their locked up pelvis, when you can’t see that one of them is a closet bisexual, the other had their genitals shamed after giving birth, one was date raped in their rectum, and the other secretly hates sex with their partner because it hurts and they have to fake orgasms to get it to end. And maybe all of this is even more deeply rooted in memories coming from their grandmother, in their religion, or in the sex education they received at school, and that they can’t safely share any of it with you because your own conditioning is going to make you judge them even if you don’t want to.

Knowing the reality of this situation inspired me to create a new course for healthcare practitioners to help them become better equipped to work with the subject of human sexuality. As a psychologist, general physician, bodyworker, coach, alternative medicine practitioner, midwife, doctor of eastern medicine, or even just someone’s mom or dad, you need to be able to understand and talk about sexuality. When your own understanding increases, you will not only be able to ask the right questions, but your clients and patients will sense an openness in you and just start sharing! This is where the healing begins.

Listen below to Part 1 of the course for FREE, and if you’d like to listen the rest, be one of the first 100 people to purchase the course for just $99 USD.


For everyone who purchases the course over the next few months, I will be holding a regular online Q & A series and case study review to help further your knowledge and comfortability with the subject matter. It’s going to be fun! Let’s become sex experts together. 🙂

to your deep sexual understanding,

Lauren Brim
Sexual and Spiritual Coach

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