One-on-One Sessions . . . and a New Video for Women!

After four months of questioning, re-evaluating, and receiving feedback, I am ready to return to one-on-one sessions. Life seems to be a constant game of adjustments as we come deeper into an understanding of where we are and where we’re going. And in this game of adjustments lies the formation of boundaries as we decide just how much space we need and what we can handle.

For me these last four months have also been a time of deepening my understanding of what the needs are of those who are interested in energy medicine and natural healthcare. I’ve discovered that there are three primary needs:

  1. One-on-one sessions lasting about 45 minutes to help clear up the aches, pains, and discomforts of life. The sugar that helps the medicine go down, so to speak; the helping hand to give you that extra push over the very high hurdles.
  2. Monthly support that includes more than one session a month, emails, and regular check-ins to support those people who need to share what is happening, what they are feeling, and ask the questions that are coming up. These clients need to know there is someone to reach out to when they need a helping hand.
  3. Education and focused support for specific health issues or goals, such as pregnancy, alleviation of a chronic symptom, or a troubling emotion.

So because of this, I have decided to bring back one-on-one sessions. Coaching is still available for around $300 a month, that includes as many sessions as you need, email and phone support, and free access to all of my audios. Lastly I will also continue to make audio programs and recordings that make your specific goals affordable and available at any time of day: am or pm!

As many of you know, I said goodbye to my company of two and a half years this week, so I have more time to make videos and resources focused on women’s sexual and reproductive health. You can check out the next one below on Vaginal Health, if that feels like something you need.

to your vibrant sexual and reproductive health,

Lauren Brim
Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, Coach
Partner at

A new Video from
Tips for Vaginal Health:
For women only! 😉

About the author

Lauren Brim, Ph.D is a doctor of human sexuality, sex coach and author of The New Rules of Sex, The New American Family, The New Rules of Sex Workbook, and Your Boyfriend's Hooker. She provides sexual health and coaching resources for women wanting to create the life or love life that they desire at Lauren has worked in the healing arts for over a decade and began to specialize in women's health after training to be a midwife. She is also the founder at She lives in Los Angeles with her daughter.

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