Optimize your Fertility- a new series to help YOU have a baby!

But HOW can you help me get pregnant?

babyIn Traditional Chinese Medicine the body is one interconnected whole. The reproductive system is not separate from any of the other systems. Women often look to the reproductive system for the solution without examining the health of their body as a whole. Problems with circulation, digestion, endocrine function, or the nervous system, can all keep you from becoming pregnant.

When these other systems are repaired, and deep stress is moved out of the body in the form of emotions, family drama, past experiences, belief systems, etc. then the body can completely regenerate! That’s right! There are many stories of women who have even produced new eggs after Western Medicine told them that they had none left. The regenerative capacity of the body is incredible, as soon as we remove the blockage that is creating disharmony in one or more systems of your body.

This series will help improve your uterine lining, blood flow to the uterus, health of the ovaries, regulation of hormones, overall stress levels, family dynamics that don’t support the baby, and general circulation, digestion, hormonal balance and nerve flow. Every woman should be required to take this course!

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to your vibrant fertility!

Lauren Brim
Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner

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