PLEASURE- a master class for women


Would you like to have more pleasure in your sex life and relationships?

Then come learn, cultivate and expand your pleasure with us. Calling all women-identified sexual beings who want to learn, share, and grow into greater pleasure in their sex lives.

In this dynamic bi-monthly call we will:

* Have the opportunity to share the details of your sex life in a confidential, safe, directed space
* Explore what pleasure is possible by hearing the stories of other women and how they experience orgasm
* Learn how others overcome miscommunication, consent issues, hurt feelings, and other common experiences in sexual encounters
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Let’s go deeper into pleasure together

Here are some things I’ve learned about pleasure from my own journey:
* pleasure is a learned skill as much as an innate one. Deeper pleasure is cultivated in sexuality the same way it is with fine art, exotic foods, and many other things that develop with time, curiosity and exposure.
* pleasure is expanded through experiencing another person’s pleasure. Have you ever gone to a concert and fell in love with a musician that never interested you prior? Or had a sexual partner that got so much pleasure from touching you that your own pleasure doubled or tripled?
* pleasure is cultivated more easily in pleasurable environments. What happens when you try to take a nap next door to a construction site? Or relax on a beach covered in trash? Yes, sometimes you can ignore your environment, but pleasure is made possible by creating specific environments that support pleasure. Think about what you pay for at a nice restaurant- the environment! Cloth napkins, well dressed waiters, beautiful china and the perfect temperature all create the foundation of a pleasurable experience.
Beginning August 21, 2018- 11:30am PST. Sign up anytime to join the conversation!


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