Women CAN Have Sex Like Men (But Here’s Why You Won’t)

sex like a man

It’s your body, have sex with it!


love it. You love it. We all love it.

At least we should.

So why are so many women uninterested in sex? 

If you reported to your doctor that you were disinterested in food, work, or seeing your friends, they would instantly diagnose you with depression. And yet, if a woman reports her disinterest in sex, it is brushed off as a characteristic of … her being a woman.


Because we have been taught that men are the sexual ones. They have, after all, all the testosterone, right? They are the ones addicted to porn, and affairs, and endlessly jacking off.

Well I would argue that this is very far from the truth. Testosterone is only one factor that contributes to a healthy libido. What really affects our experience of sexuality is culture.

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