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and create a life they love.

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Both men and women alike are taught who they can be in the world by their family, culture and education system. This socialization often limits how they express themselves and ultimately whether they create lives that make them happy. As a coach and practitioner, I work with clients to uncover the stories, belief systems and accepted ideas that are false, biased, weighed down by shame, and limiting how they express their authentic selves creatively, sexually, and otherwise. When they are set free from unconscious limitations, they step into life empowered, confident, turned on, and ready to rewrite the rules for the happiness and love life they desire.

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Lauren Brim’s Books

Change your life with education

Lauren's books are provocative, educational and entertaining, but most importantly, they provide the reader with an opportunity to examine their sex, family and love life with fresh eyes. A continuation of the work she does with clients, her books explore taboo subjects that keep women trapped in suppressive patriarchal structures, and give them the education and encouragement they need to walk away from limiting paradigms. She is an advocate of radical honesty, introspection, and taking responsibility for one's life and the pleasure it contains. You can buy her books on Amazon, Kindle, Kobo and Nook if you are ready to dive deeply into a new paradigm of sexuality and relationships. They are not for the tame of heart!

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Lauren Brim’s Courses

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Are you happy with your love life? How about your sex life? Many women are not happy because they have not been correctly educated about their bodies or who they are as sexual beings. Many women have dismissed sex as unimportant, only to see other areas of their lives suffer and fail to thrive, including their health! Sexuality forms the foundation of our relationship to our body, partner, creativity, desire, even our financial wealth, and when we discover who we are as sexual beings, we discover greater health and vitality in more ways than we'd ever imagine. Sign up for one of Lauren's online courses today and reclaim your sexuality and life force for a richer, more satisfying life.

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The New Rules of Sex

It’s time for a sexual reeducation. The old paradigm of sexuality and relationships is no longer meeting the needs of the growing number of single people looking for love. It is time to explore something new in our sexual relationships. It is time for some new rules for sex.

“Love this book! Every woman should read.”

“Intelligent, entertaining, insightful, and written from a woman’s perspective!”

“Liberating and refreshing new look at love, sex and relationships by a very courageous, talented and intelligent young artist.”

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“You can’t find pleasure with another person until you first find it with yourself.”

-Lauren Brim