Sexuality Course for Healthcare Practitioners
A comprehensive sexuality course for healthcare practitioners

Are you a psychologist, general physician, bodyworker,
alternative medicine practitioner, midwife, or doctor of eastern medicine?

Then this course is for you!

Working with Sexuality as Healthcare Practitioners
is a course designed to expand your understanding of sexuality
so that you can discuss the subject of sex with your patients and clients
in an informed and comfortable way.

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Part 1:
Working with Sexuality as Healthcare Practitioners
Part 2:

* Sexual Legislation
* Science and Latin terms for sexuality
* Victorian Era and Female Hysteria
* Religion and Masturbation
* Slut-shaming

Part 3:

* The effect of our ancestors on sexuality
* Comments by parents in childhood
* Early relationships
* Abuse
* Belief systems about self

Part 4:
Disease education

* Schools and Abstinence education
* Infection versus Disease
* The Immune system of the Genitalia
* HIV and Herpes
* Condoms

Part 5:
Past and current relationships

* Active Memories with Parents
* Active Memories in Relationships
* Shame and emotional release
* The importance of masturbation
* Assumptions about marriage and relationships

Part 6: Limitations in thinking and experience

* The pudendal and vagus nerve
* Orgasms in childbirth
* Anal orgasms and Prostate health
* Bisexuality- Kinsey spectrum
* Group sex- Taoism
* Polyamory

Part 7:
Your own sexual taboos

* First heal thyself
* Sexual health = Overall health
* Sexuality as life-force energy

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