Sex After Menopause
The perfect guide to sex after 50!

If you’re a woman nearing menopause or are already there, then you’ve likely heard the following myth:

“After menopause, your hormones are gone so your libido disappears and your vagina drys up.”

But this is BS, ladies.

Research has found that developmental, psychiatric and psychosexual history affect desire- not hormones.

In fact, Dr. Emily Nagoski tells us in her groundbreaking book Come as You Are that “Stress, self-compassion, trauma history, relationship satisfaction, and other emotional factors have far more influence on a woman’s sexual desire than any hormone.”

So what’s getting between you and amazing sex?

It’s not your hormones or your age.

It’s education.

Trust me.

Join me for this course on Sex after Menopause and learn:

* Why Sex After Menopause is BETTER
* Why hormones are not the cause of your problem
* How to increase desire by knowing what causes it
* How to put your foot on your own personal sex accelerators instead of the brakes

* The role of fantasy in your sex life
* How to never struggle with a dry vagina again!

* Bonus gift: get a free copy of the Comprehensive Guide to Your Clitoris

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