Sexual Coaching

What is sexuality coaching and why do I need it?

Sexuality coaching helps men and women be themselves. It helps them own their desires, communicate what they want and need with partners, and gives them permission to have pleasure and enjoy their bodies.

We need sexuality coaching because our innate sexuality has been suppressed by our culture – largely through lack of education and miseducation! This means that we feel conflicted about what is natural and healthy, and because sexuality is our essence, we feel bad about being ourselves. Sexual suppression can lead us to feel depressed, unfulfilled, and creates a sense of meaninglessness in life. Sexuality coaching not only helps us have better sex, but brings back meaning, joy and purpose in life.  

When we don’t have a healthy relationship to our sexual energy we become less attractive to others and even to ourselves – our health deteriorates and we can develop sexual dysfunction. This can show up as specific sexual issues, or even as weight, skin or reproductive problems. When we embrace our sexual energy we become more whole and magnetic, not just to sexual partners, but to the world, and we experience radiant health and powerful immunity because of it!

Sexual coaching allows you to come into an authentic expression in every relationship of your life- because when you change how you feel about your sexuality and desires, it opens up new possibilities in relationships, work and even your creative and spiritual life.  I would love to take you on this journey with a coaching session. We will get to the core of who you are and together set you free. Are you ready to transform your sex life?

Dr. Lauren Brim

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Dr. Lauren Brim, Sexologist

Why Sex Coaching?

One of the most direct and effective paths to help someone feel happy in their life is to help them address their sexuality issues.

Feeling Safe

I’ve always been the person that people could have that conversation with. Most people are walking around holding their whole sexual life-story inside with no one to share it with.

What is my approach?

My approach is to work with individuals and couples to address the beliefs systems, trauma, resentments and miseducation they have about sex that keeps them from having pleasure and feeling safe to be themselves.

Can I be better at sex?

When we go on the journey to uncover our true sexuality, we become more present in our bodies, and in this we discover we are wired for much greater pleasure than we ever thought possible. 

Who do I work with?

I typically work with women and men age 30 and up that are unhappy with their sex lives, know there is more possible, and are ready for a change.

What do I work with?

Pain with sex, dryness, inability to orgasm, erectile dysfunction, shame and guilt, low libido, sexual orientation and identity, non-monogamy, imbalanced sexual desire in couples, and other health issues relating to sexuality.