The New Rules of Sex SUMMIT
Your online sex education with 20 experts from around the world!

Have you always wanted a sexual education?

Or maybe you want to improve your sexual health or relationships?

Then join myself and 20 sexual experts for this online sexual summit!

Where did you receive a really great sexual education? From a lover? From a book? Most of us never receive the sexual education we need to have a truly satisfying sex life. True sex education teaches everything from anatomy and orgasmic potential, to how to navigate consent and agreements in relationship. Unfortunately, not only are we uneducated, but we are often shamed for our sexuality- for masturbating, for curiosity, for having desire- and so we disconnect from our innate and authentic sexual self and fail to develop the foundation of a healthy sexual life.

But what if it’s not too late and a sexual education could change all of that? I believe that it can. Because not only does education empower and enlighten us, but learning from those who can share about sexuality without shame and with the knowledge and science to clear up centuries of suppression and sexual myth can give us permission to be our sexual selves, heal our past wounds and enjoy our sex lives!

In this online sexual summit you will learn about:

* Trauma/Depression in sexuality and identity

* Unresolved sexual or relationship issues 

* General reproductive health issues 

* Sexual Miseducation in western culture

* Shame and how we overcome it

* Pleasure!

Learn from a team of experts in Tantra, Chinese Medicine, Intimacy and more. 

Day 1: Sheri Winston, Anatomy of Arousal & Dr. Ava Cadell, Sex toys for Healing, Novelty and Pleasure

Day 2: Sofia Sundari, Healing Shame and Liberating Orgasms & Jason Armstrong: Solosexuality and Fantasy

Day 3: Saida Desilets, Women and Desire & Rahi Chun, Sexual healing for Greater Pleasure

Day 4: Dr. Brandye Wilson-Manigat, Gynecological health, menopause and libido & Lisa Kinsella, Condoms and bridging the Pleasure Gap

Day 5: Matthias Schwent, Male sexuality, Consent and Agreements & Dr. Jennifer Lang, Human Rights and Preventing Sexual Assault

Day 6: Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, The Science of Casual Sex and Polyamoury & Gabriella Cordova, Sex-Positivity in all our Relationships

Day 7: Dr. Elise Turen, Trans Sexuality and why we are all Trans & Eileen Kelly, Social Media, Millennials and Sex

Day 8: Lou Paget, How to be a Great Lover & Dr. Martha Lee, Orgasmic Yoga and Sexual Skills in Relationship

Day 9: Galen Fous, BDSM, Kink and Sexual Authenticity & Madison Young, Feminist porn, BDSM and motherhood

Day 10: Ashley Manta, Cannabis, Sex and Overcoming Shame & Dr. Lauren Brim, Rewriting your Rules for Sex

The New Rules of Sex Summit

Have you always wanted a sexual education?

Or maybe you want to improve your sexual health or relationships?

Then join myself and 20 sexual experts for an online sexual summit!

You don’t need to wait any longer for the sex education you deserve!

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