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Dr. Lauren Brim

Newborns, infants, children and adults all need bodywork to thrive. Newborns especially need bodywork to release tension that impacts their ability to breastfeed and sleep comfortably, and this in turn deepens their connection with their mother and improves their health for years to come. Helping mothers and babies establish health and a deep bond during the postpartum period is one of the greatest joys of my practice. 

My journey into alternative medicine began with dance injuries as a teenager, but became my life’s work after I fractured my spine dancing with the Radio City Rockettes. I became living proof that our mind and spirit, thoughts and emotions shape the health and function of our bodies. I was so blessed to discover The BodyTalk System, which healed my back, and to learn from so many doctors and healers who shaped my last twenty years in practice.

There is not one human on the planet that would not benefit from sexual coaching. We receive very little sexual education in life, have few people to talk openly with about it, and yet our vitality, health and relationship success depend on it. Working with couples to resolve their issues around sexuality is an opportunity to work not only with the couple and their communication and satisfaction in the relationship, but with the individual, and their understanding of themselves. Ultimately, this work, is about so much more than sex, even though it quickly addresses most sexual issues that couples face.

Educating groups has to be the most effective way to change culture. Education is the missing piece to changing behavior that creates the unhappiness and dis-ease that so many experience day-to-day that they don’t have to!

The majority of my online and affiliate courses promote sexual health and education. Whether you work in health care or are just looking to increase your education for your personal pleasure, these courses are for you.

Education is where transformation begins. Purchase a book and get started on your journey..

  • I felt like I was fairly well-educated about sex and intimacy in relationship, and yet when I ran into some unexpected challenges around sex in my relationship, it was hard to find helpful information. I was inspired to reach out to Lauren, and am so glad that I did. In just one hour I learned more than I could have imagined from Lauren about sex, orgasm, the vagina, relationship dynamics and how to successfully navigate challenges. Her knowledge base is vast and her comfort and ease creates a relaxed and safe space. The work I did with Lauren is radiating out into all areas in my life. I wish that everyone could have the opportunity to work with her!

    Boise, ID
  • Lauren is amazing. We were referred to her after our son had his tongue tie released. She was able to work out the tension in his body, kinks he had in his back as well as his digestive issues. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the human body and fascia. She also worked on me and my partner as well since we saw such great results with our son. We highly recommend her and we are forever grateful. Life changing!!!!!

    Los Angeles, CA
  • I have been going to Lauren for sessions for over 5 years now, and every time I go, I am still in awe of her gifts and talents. She’s an encyclopedia on how the body system works. I have learned so much from her, and so grateful to have her help me in many stages of health challenges.
    She has helped me with getting to the root thinking of my chronic fatique, shingles, blocks and limiting beliefs on sex, which comes out in symptoms of immobilization, brain fog, pain in back and stomach, just about anything. Pain disappears.
    Its fascinating to understand how she moves the stuck energy in body causing the pain. Just yesterday she did a session on me moving the stuck energy of emotions in my body linked to the limiting belief of fears surrounding sex. Next day head was clear and i was able to focus again on my life where i was unable for 2 weeks prior. She is a Prize!!

    Los Angeles, CA
  • Lauren Brim’s refreshingly openminded, honest and insightful book is awesome. She has an impressive amount of knowledge in the area of sexuality and I loved how many different aspects of sexuality she is able to bring in: culture, spirituality, history, health and not the least a wealth of personal experience which makes the material come alive.

    I am very pleased to now have a book on sexuality that I can recommended to my clients. I have recommended this book as well as Lauren’s insightful videos and articles to several of my clients. They love it too. Thank you Lauren.

    London, UK
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