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Both men and women alike are taught who they can be in the world by their family, culture and education system. This socialization often limits how they express themselves and ultimately whether they create lives that make them happy. As a coach and practitioner, I work with clients to uncover the stories, belief systems and accepted ideas that are false, biased, weighed down by shame, and limiting how they express their authentic selves creatively, sexually, and otherwise. When they are set free from unconscious limitations, they step into life empowered, confident, turned on, and ready to rewrite the rules for the happiness and love life they desire.


As a doctor of sexuality and a sexual wellness coach, I am passionate about helping women move through barriers to fully enjoying and loving their sexuality
Three barriers I commonly see are:

Fear and inhibition

Fear and inhibition around sex because they believe that sex is wrong. This subtle yet powerful belief system is communicated by family, culture (including education and peers) and religion, but is also passed down generationally through epigenetic trauma, body language, refusing to speak on certain subjects, or small, shaming remarks.  Fear can inhibit one’s sexual expression, contributing to rage, and any number of sexual pathologies that manifest in the genitals or reproductive system.

Unresolved trauma

Unresolved trauma around sex leads to pain, numbness or disease. When we hear the word trauma we often thing of incest, molestation or rape, but there are many other sexual traumas one can experience, such as being shamed, seeing something age inappropriate, having a partner violate one’s boundaries, gynecological examinations, birth or postpartum experiences, and many other things we hear or endure over a lifetime that live as traumas in the body (and shut down its function) until they can be fully witnessed and healed.

Miseducation around sexuality

Miseducation around sexuality, including one’s capacity for orgasm and pleasure. Women have been taught a completely inaccurate narrative about their sexuality. It begins with the idea that they aren’t that sexual and that the external clitoris is their only pathway to pleasure, if they have any pleasure at all, and continues with ideas such as they need a parter to give them pleasure, that vaginal orgasms and ejaculation are myths, and fails to include any mention of other erogenous zones in the body, such as the vulva, anus and nipples. Women are wired for pleasure in an extraordinary way, and simply learning what your body is capable of is often enough to wake it up to pleasure it never knew was possible.

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Change Your Life With Education

Dr. Lauren’s books are provocative, educational and entertaining, but most importantly, they provide the reader with an opportunity to examine their sex, family and love life with fresh eyes. A continuation of the work she does with clients, her books explore taboo subjects that keep women trapped in suppressive patriarchal structures, and give them the education and encouragement they need to walk away from limiting paradigms. She is an advocate of radical honesty, introspection, and taking responsibility for one’s life and the pleasure it contains. You can buy her books on Amazon, Kindle, Kobo and Nook if you are ready to dive deeply into a new paradigm of sexuality and relationships.

They are not for the tame of heart!

The New Rules of Sex

It’s time for a sexual reeducation. The old paradigm of sexuality and relationships is no longer meeting the needs of the growing number of single people looking for love. Men and women are investing millions of dollars in the burgeoning industry of love coaches and dating advice, trying desperately to keep the old model alive in a world with very different values.

Dating to marry and have children, or even to have sex within the context of a monogamous relationship, is no longer resonating with the modern world.

It is time to explore something new in our sexual relationships. It is time for some new rules for sex.

Get The New Rules of Sex today and never experience sex the same way again!

The New American Family

Families formed by artificial insemination, surrogacy, same-sex couples, friends and other arrangements are becoming more mainstream and yet they are still surprisingly unrecognized and misunderstood.

Many believe that it is impossible to have the family they desire in a culture that postpones marriage, prioritizes career and appears to be losing much of its so-called American values.

To the contrary, The New American Family illustrates how family in America is not disappearing but reawakening in a fascinating and healthy way. The stories of these families will challenge and enlighten those who listen and possibly open new doors for those who wonder what the future of family may hold for them.

Your Boyfriend's Hooker

What do men really do with sex workers? This is a question many of us never dare to ask, too afraid of what we might discover about men and their sexual desire. But what is the truth about male sexuality? How do men really feel about sex workers? Why do they seek them out? The answers will surprise you. The truth about male sexuality is that no one has taken the time to discover it, preferring to hold to the stereotypes about men one sees in the media or in porn. But there is somuch to learn about male sexuality. Maybe you are ready to face your fears and learn what’s true about men and sex? And who better to learn from than the men who bared their most intimate sexual secrets? Join Dr. Lauren Brim in thirteen intimate and detailed interviews from her groundbreaking research in discovering the true nature of male sexuality, and never see men the same way again.

The New Rules of Sex Workbook

In every relationship, family and culture there are rules and taboos that control how we think and feel about sexuality, and because sexual rules are mostly unspoken, the secrecy and silence contributes to an environment of ignorance and shame around normal human sexuality. This workbook gives you a concrete method for breaking down the belief systems you have about sex, while learning more about yourself in the process. The final result is true understanding of your sexual self, and increased health and pleasure in your body and relationships. You can apply what you learned in The New Rules of Sex, but even those who have not read the book can benefit from the journey they take in this workbook. You deserve health, comfort, pleasure and safety in your sexuality, and it’s up to you to get there! Will you take the first step? This workbook can show you how.

  • I felt like I was fairly well-educated about sex and intimacy in relationship, and yet when I ran into some unexpected challenges around sex in a relationship I was in, it was hard to find helpful information. I was inspired to reach out to Lauren, and am so glad that I did. In just one hour, I learned more than I could have imagined from Lauren about sex, orgasm, the vagina, the varying dynamics that come into play between sex partners and how to successfully navigate challenges. It was evident that her knowledge base is vast. She brings in knowledge from many avenues, along with grounded personal wisdom.
    Additionally, Lauren’s comfort and ease in talking about these very personal matters creates a relaxed and safe space. How wonderful to be able to talk about a subject that is often so loaded in our culture in a calm, comfortable and open manner.
    I can feel how this work I did with Lauren is radiating out into all areas in my life in beneficial ways, even in just helping me to feel more solidly grounded in my self and in my life. I am full of appreciation. I wish that everyone could have the opportunity to work with her, and highly recommend that if you are here reading this and considering trying out a session with Lauren, dive in and do a whole package! It will be well worth it, and I am sure you’ll learn more than you think is possible.

    Boise, ID
  • I have been going to Lauren for sessions for over 5 years now, and every time I go, I am still in awe of her gifts and talents. She’s an encyclopedia on how the body system works. I have learned so much from her, and so grateful to have her help me in many stages of health challenges.
    She has helped me with getting to the root thinking of my chronic fatique, shingles, blocks and limiting beliefs on sex, which comes out in symptoms of immobilization, brain fog, pain in back and stomach, just about anything. Pain disappears.
    Its fascinating to understand how she moves the stuck energy in body causing the pain. Just yesterday she did a session on me moving the stuck energy of emotions in my body linked to the limiting belief of fears surrounding sex. Next day head was clear and i was able to focus again on my life where i was unable for 2 weeks prior. She is a Prize!!

    Los Angeles, CA
  • Lauren Brim’s refreshingly openminded, honest and insightful book is awesome. She has an impressive amount of knowledge in the area of sexuality and I loved how many different aspects of sexuality she is able to bring in: culture, spirituality, history, health and not the least a wealth of personal experience which makes the material come alive.

    I am very pleased to now have a book on sexuality that I can recommended to my clients. I have recommended this book as well as Lauren’s insightful videos and articles to several of my clients. They love it too. Thank you Lauren.

    London, UK
  • I’ve read The New American Family twice now. The first time I was recently divorced after 5 years of a traumatic life, exploring a new relationship and literally fighting my body’s clear desire for a family. I loved this book for the stories of people becoming parents and the many different ways to make a family. Coming from a caregiver position with my ex-husband and knowing he will always be a part of my life, it was refreshing to see that families are not always what we see on tv or the societal norm of husband, wife, baby
    In “The New American Family” Lauren gives a refreshingly honest portrayal of the struggles and triumphs of pregnancy. In a way that shouldn’t be shocking, she is able to convey exactly the thoughts and emotions running wild in my pregnancy fogged mind.
    Expecting mothers and partners need more stories like this. Stories of truth and honesty about pregnancy and what it’s like to bring life into this world. Even though I still experience fear and frustration with my pregnancy, I no longer stand in the shame of being someone who doesn’t love it. I read through these pages now in tears knowing I’m not crazy and my experience of being pregnant does not have anything to do with how much I love and want this baby or what kind of mother I will be.

    Atlanta, GA