The New Rules of Sex

by Lauren Brim

The New Rules of Sex - Lauren Brim

It’s time for a sexual reeducation. The old paradigm of sexuality and relationships is no longer meeting the needs of the growing number of single people looking for love. Men and women are investing millions of dollars in the burgeoning industry of love coaches and dating advice, trying desperately to keep the old model alive in a world with very different values.

Dating to marry and have children, or even to have sex within the context of a monogamous relationship, is no longer resonating with the modern world.

It is time to explore something new in our sexual relationships. It is time for some new rules for sex.


The New American Family

by Lauren Brim

Families formed by artificial insemination, surrogacy, same-sex couples, friends and other arrangements are becoming more mainstream and yet they are still surprisingly unrecognized and misunderstood.

Many believe that it is impossible to have the family they desire in a culture that postpones marriage, prioritizes career and appears to be losing much of its so-called American values.

To the contrary, The New American Family illustrates how family in America is not disappearing but reawakening in a fascinating and healthy way. The stories of these new American families will challenge and enlighten those who listen and possibly open new doors for those who wonder what the future of family may hold for them.

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