Adult Play Mat
A lightweight + reusable mat to roll out anywhere before period sex

Never scrub blood out
of a sheet again!

The Adult Play Mat is a lightweight + reusable mat to roll out on the bed before sex to protect your sheets from period blood, lube and other secretions. Cleanup is simple and easy, just wipe and you’re done. The mat dries in minutes and is compact enough to travel with anywhere!

Why you’ll love your mat:
*Makes sex more fun!
*Hypoallergenic, waterproof, anti-bacterial and odorless*The thin, soft surface promotes comfort during sex
*Textured foam helps it stay in place and keeps liquids from spreading
*Easy clean up with wipe or under the shower
*Rolls up and fits into a suitcase or bag to be taken anywhere
*BPA, phthalates and formaldehyde free
*Environmentally friendly, nothing to throw away, and lasts for years

How to use your mat:

* Place it under you or your partner’s hips and upper thighs
* Enjoy a stress-free place for period blood, lube and other secretions to land
* Wipe your mat clean with a single wipe when changing positions + when finished
* Store it nearby for the next romp in the sack
* Pack it for overnight travel + vacation sex

Adult Play Mat creator Lauren Brim had enough of washing blood, sweat and everything else out of towels and sheets after sex, and decided to create her own product to make sex more enjoyable and fun for women.

Being an environmentally conscious kind of gal, it was important to her that the mat come from natural products, not require chemicals to manufacture or clean, and use minimal biodegradable packaging for shipping. She hopes that the Adult Play Mat will make women feel more comfortable talking about and having sex on their period, and in doing so, help to undo the shame and embarrassment that a lot of women feel about bleeding and sex. She also hopes the mat will create more time and opportunities for sex, cuddling, and other forms of intimacy (and the plethora of health benefits that come from sex) every day of the month.

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