The New American Family
by Lauren Brim
“Once in a while, a visionary like Lauren Brim comes along, who provides us with a clear analysis of the times in which we live as well as a prescient window onto our future. The New American Family is just such a work, a labor of love culled from her own personal experiences and the life experiences of many others. The days of the “Father Knows Best/Leave It to Beaver” nuclear family are long gone, if they ever really did exist. What we read in these pages are the real situations in which many of us find ourselves now but which do not fit any standard mold or formula. Lauren gives us permission, in essence, to discover what works best for us, without fear of judgment or ridicule. The pictures she paints so eloquently are, in this reviewer’s opinion, what we actually look like in this turbulent, transitional society, and they offer us a preview of the exponential societal changes that portend our exciting future.” – Amazon review

Families formed by artificial insemination, surrogacy, same-sex couples, friends and other arrangements are becoming more mainstream and yet they are still surprisingly unrecognized and misunderstood.

Many believe that it is impossible to have the family they desire in a culture that postpones marriage, prioritizes career and appears to be losing much of its so-called American values.

To the contrary, The New American Family illustrates how family in America is not disappearing but reawakening in a fascinating and healthy way.

The stories of these new American families will challenge and enlighten those who listen and possibly open new doors for those who wonder what the future of family may hold for them.

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