The New Rules of Sex
by Lauren Brim
“Finished the book. Lauren, it’s truly magnificent. I was deeply moved from the first chapter to the last. I have cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve had lots of orgasms and I’ve expanded on many levels. I am so deeply touched by your incredible honesty and willingness to be so vulnerable. To lay it all bare so that we can feel safe to be. I feel your love and passion through your words. Massive massive achievement. Thank you xxx “
The New Rules of Sex

It’s time for a sexual reeducation.

The old paradigm of sexuality and relationships is no longer meeting the needs of the growing number of single people looking for love. Men and women are investing millions of dollars in the burgeoning industry of love coaches and dating advice, trying desperately to keep the old model alive in a world with very different values.

Dating to marry and have children, or even to have sex within the context of a monogamous relationship, is no longer resonating with the modern world.

It is time to explore something new in our sexual relationships. It is time for some new rules for sex.

Raves about "The New Rules Of Sex"
  • When I first heard your podcast I got the impression that this will be a text only for women. Now that I read it, it is definitely something that both men and women can benefit from reading, and it is not age specific. Even I at 61 learned quite a few new things. Can’t wait to hear what my kids have to say after they read it. It’s a great amalgamation of personal experiences, well-focused research and captivating narration. I usually drop a book after reading the first few pages, but not this one.

  • Wow! This girl really knows her stuff! A terrific read; couldn’t put it down. THE NEW RULES OF SEX is an eye opening, in depth, incredibly well written insight into what today’s woman is dealing with, both in the dating world and within herself. Ms. Brim’s journey toward sexual and self-awareness is both fascinating and fantastic. We all can learn a lot from her travels, her experiences (some wondrously thrilling, some heartbreaking), and her accrued knowledge. Kudos, Ms. Brim! Now someone please write a similar book for men!

  • The New Rules of Sex is a wonderful book. It’s an insightful and intelligent work which doesn’t dictate, but rather reveals to the reader the “truths” we thought we knew about sex and our own belief systems around it. Ms. Brim then shows us that it is truly up to us to choose our own way instead of just blindly following what other people say that may not work for us. So many problems in relationships come from our own judgements and misunderstandings around sex and our bodies and I found this book a wonderful tool for releasing us from those limitations we put on ourselves. It is a great read.

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