Course: How to Please a Man (by pleasing yourself)


Let me start by saying that by no means is the goal of sex to please a man in bed. Hell no!

The goal is for you BOTH to have pleasure, in addition to connection, love, ecstasy, relaxation, playfulness, etc. etc.

These are the goals of sex, if you even want to use a word like ‘goal’.

But I hear from both men and women that there is a lot of confusion in the bedroom, which seems surprising when we have more sex in the media than we know what to do with, but the confusion seems to be that women are taking a very passive role in sex (do they think this is what men like?), which means that neither the man or woman are enjoying it all that much.

Sign up for this course, and in only 30 minutes, it will change the way you experience sex forever!

PLUS- this course includes 15 minutes on the phone with Dr. Lauren Brim to talk about what you thought of the course and any other concerns you have about sex!

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You see, passivity is a problem in life as much as it is in sex. And yet we live in a culture that gives us the message that passivity is the recipe for pleasure:

  • passively watching a movie in a theater
  • passively waiting for your food to be brought to you in a restaurant
  • passively getting turned on by watching porn

You get the picture.

Yes, from time to time we sit back and just receive, sure. But when we get involved in the kitchen, sports, play, or the bedroom,  we start to come alive, and secrete all sorts of yummy hormones like endorphins that make us feel really good. To be frank, men like sex when the woman is active and involved. The confusion I believe, is women identify this with ‘servicing him’ and relate this to sex feeling like work and the man getting all the pleasure.

Yes, pleasing a man in bed is making sex about your pleasure.

Oh my god. Can it be true?

Yes, I guarantee you, it’s true.

Example: A man is penetrating a woman in missionary position and she is lying there ‘letting him’.
Outcome: Both people are a little bored, disconnected, and in their heads.

Correction: A woman makes every minute of sex about her pleasure. She grips her vaginal muscles around his penis, pulling herself closer to him with her arms and feeling her nipples against his chest. She tells him to go slower so she can feel him really deep inside and they make eye contact while he is doing it, which makes her start to moan, which makes his penis harder, and they both start breathing deeper and getting even more turned on.

Outcome: Woman is pleased; man is pleased.


Deeply connecting sex is happening for both people that will lead to sex more often, that is more pleasurable, and takes them to deeper levels physically, mentally and spiritually.

Now imagine if you could do this for every sexual act. . . .

Yes, sex would start to be really amazing.

But you may be asking, “Yes, but why do I need someone to help me with this? Shouldn’t I be able to do it myself?”

Well, no, actually. Some aspects of sex are intuitive, but for the most part, we learn to have sex by watching others.

Wait, what?  Yup.

We learn everything in life from watching others, but when it comes to sex, most of us are in the dark. You see in other cultures you would have been showed the movements of sex, you would have heard sex happening around you, and you would have different lovers who would teach you techniques (because sharing partners increases everyone’s sexual knowledge and depth of experience).

But we don’t live in a culture like that.

When a woman gets married in the country of Zambia in Southern Africa, the woman of her village bring her items for her kitchen as a newly married woman, but they more importantly get down on the floor and show her how to please her husband in bed- because how would she know anything about sex unless someone shows her????

So we need humans to educate us, and that’s where this class comes in. I want to teach you. Because while I’ve never been married (still waiting!), I’ve had a lot of lovers over the years, and I’ve read libraries on the subject, and even wrote my own book on sex, so I have a lot to share with you.

So join me for this short course “How to please a man in bed (by pleasing yourself)” because there is nothing hotter than a woman enjoying sex and I want that for you and your partner(s)!

PLUS- this course includes 15 minutes on the phone with Dr. Lauren Brim to talk about what you thought of the course and any other concerns you have about sex!


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